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1. Larger colorful TFT display 320×240

2. Resolution 0.001 mm, for very thin materials, measuring range 0.200-20.00mm

3. 15MHzSingle Element probe is available

4. A/B Scanwaveform and large digital display

5. Automatic probe recognition and Automatic zero calibration

6. Automatically locates the detection point.

7. Automeasurment and manual-measurment selectable.

8. Limitation setting, alarm with sound and display.

9. Memoryof 100 files X 100 data, transfer data to PC without software,

   available for any windows operating systems.

10. Measurementscreen automatic frozen, which makes it easy to analyze the

     data for users.

11. Multi-languages

+Technical Specification
+Standard Delivery
1.   Main Unit
2.   Standard 15MHZ transducer S1507
3.   Built-in calibration Block 4mm
4.   Couplant 75ml
5.   Cable
6.   Calibration Certificate
7.   User Manual
8.   Carrying Case
+Optional Accessories
Optional Transducer

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